Chantilly, Virginia, US
A managment and consulting firm that helps you leverage resources to create social impact


Who We Are


We are highly skilled women with individual interests and passion for our work. We believe in creating a strong work – life balance as to not compromise our family’s well-being. Because we enjoy what we do and have the ability to manage multiple tasks and projects, we are able to deliver quality products while meeting or beating given deadlines. We allow our employees to telecommute so they can maximize efficiently and produce effective services. Our business model reduces overhead costs, which means savings for YOU!

We assist our clients nationwide in improving their business process and client outreach, increasing their overall productivity. Our professionalism and exceptional customer service rises above others and is the reason why our clients don’t hesitate to refer us to their networks.

We take pride in providing efficient and effective consulting services that have measurable outcomes. Trust us to assist you with your projects and you’ll see why our clients are always satisfied with our services from start to finish.

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What We Stand For


Social Capital Solutions was established in the summer of 2010 to address the needs among disadvantaged communities that help limited English speaking families.

We are a certified small women- and minority- owned (SWaM) business incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia that supports highly skilled working professionals.  We support women’s decisions to work from home so that they can be productive caretakers while balancing their professional career.  We allow our associates to explore the perfect work-life balance that they need.

SCS supports other small woman and/or minority owned businesses by serving as a referral agency that provides technical assistance to small businesses (especially start-ups and sole proprietors) and non-profit organizations.  SCS does not impose referral fees upon its associates.

Everyone associated with SCS is a contractor who manages their own business or organization.  SCS coordinates with its contractors to manage projects for clients.  SCS coordinates and manages a pool of seasonal and on-call workers for event planning projects.

Based in Northern Virginia, our mission is to provide technical assistance and leverage resources to not-for-profit organizations and small businesses that seek to provide educational social programs and services to limited English speaking individuals to improve their overall quality of life and build a strong supportive community.  Our working relationships are built on TRUST.  

What is Social Capital?

Social capital is not tangible. It’s a concept that requires a combination of trust, shared values or social norms, and maintaining relationships over time.

Trust is the underlying value in building social capital because it’s like invisible glue that helps people maintain relationships over time.

Shared values or social norms are what attract people to each other. It provides them with a basis for starting conversations and engaging in social activities and events.


A person’s social capital is expanded when she begins to build new relationships from people she meets at social gatherings or activities. This is also known as “social networking.”

Through a person’s social capital, she has the ability to leverage existing resources to provide greater impact or outcome.

Four puppets, holding in hands a puzzle of multi color

Our Preferred Partners

  • Leah Le, Make-up Artist.
  • Dr. Leang Eap, Naturopathic Doctor & Feng Shui Consultant.
  • Premiere Financial Alliance.
  • Keller Williams Capital Properties.
  • The Law Office of Elizabeth Soc.
  • Margaret Wong, Ph.D., Child & School Psychologist.

Giving back to the community

Social Capital Solutions supports civic engagement through nonprofit organizations by providing pro bono services and special rates to volunteer-based organizations that focus on direct services that assist limited English proficient communities and at-risk populations. We offer specialized technical assistance to not-for-profit organizations, including: research, training, transitional management, program development and evaluations.

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1Social Capital Solutions, Inc. is a community connector for APACAF and Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services to provide enrichment programs for youth, such as STEAM  for girls.